What Corvallis Buyers and Sellers Need to Know About Real Estate Contingencies

Contingencies are common in real estate contracts, but, unfortunately, buyers and sellers often don’t understand them as well as they should. Generally, contingencies protect buyers, but there are important ramifications and implications for sellers too. Read on, then, to find out what [marekt_city] buyers and sellers need to know about real estate contingencies. What Are … Continued

Property Tax Basics for Homeowners in Corvallis

Property taxes make up a big chunk of the total tax burden for homeowners, so it pays to have some understanding of this tax. Certainly, we need funding for public services and infrastructure, which are funded by property taxes, but no one wants to overpay. And a good way to ensure you aren’t being overcharged … Continued

How Putting Off a Big Move Costs Buyers and Sellers in Corvallis

Closing on your home on schedule and getting moved in a reasonable timeframe can make a significant difference in costs to both you and the other party. To get the full picture of what’s going on let’s examine how putting off a big move costs buyers and sellers in Corvallis: Additional Rent or Mortgage Payments … Continued

How Corvallis Area Home Ownership Can Help to Shield You From Inflation

Financial markets are hitting a critical volatility point, and doing everything you can to better protect your available assets is key to riding out the developing situation. To aid you in securing your finances now rather than squander them under less favorable market conditions, let’s take a look at how Corvallis area home ownership can … Continued

How Much are Closing Costs for Buyers and Sellers in Corvallis?

Whether you’re buying or selling, getting ready to close on a home is an exciting time, and that means it’s easy to lose focus on what things will ultimately cost. Let’s take some time to demystify the financial impact of closing by going over how much closing costs are for buyers and sellers in Corvallis: … Continued

How To Add More Value to Your House in Corvallis, Oregon

The idea of homeownership is to build equity in your home that becomes an asset over time. In fact, a home is often the largest asset many people will ever have with the exception of perhaps a retirement plan. There are ways for you to maximize the value of the asset before you sell. Improvements can happen … Continued